BMW has published a second teaser video with their upcoming 2012 X6 M50d, and even though this time we get a little bit of info, everything remains vague and packed with marketing phrases.
When talking about the new performance version M6, Brian Watts, BMW M GmbH Head of Global Sales and Marketing mentions that this will be ‘a new kind of car’ which ‘deserves the M badge’ considering that [when driving it] ‘on every road you feel like you’re on a race track’.
Due to its ‘direct response that exceeds your expectation’ and its sports machine looks and sound, the X6 M50d will turn every street into a track, and it all sounds great, but hopefully we will get some specific details soon.
Until then we turn over to speculations which mentioned that this upcoming diesel version X6M will use a 3.0-litre engine with three turbochargers that will enable an output of 375 HP and 740 Nm of torque.
BMW X6 M50d 2nd Teaser Video :

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Source: BMW via YouTube