BMW Motorrad has officially unveiled the 2016 Vision Next 100 Concept. For short this is their vision for the next 100 years and a vision will stay. The motorcycle is an electric one and features a curved black body design and some chromed accessories. 

According to BMW, the Vision Next 100 Bike doesn’t have a fork that pivot, instead the steering is done after the rider turns the handlebars and the entire Flexframe is rotated. The wheels have taken place of the suspensions, while the motorcycle can stay on the wheels without any help. As a result, you won’t have an accident on this bike. 

A helmet won’t be needed but the riders must wear a special virtual reality-like visor that projects information ahead of his or her eyes. The rider also need a special suit that can hear or cool its body, depending on the weather.  It vibrates the rider’s arms or legs to signal the direction of an upcoming turn, and inflates to better support their neck at high speeds.


Source: bmw