If you are a big BMW fan, then there is no surprise that the German car manufactuer will offer an M3 version of its current 3 Series Touring. And this will be a first for the German car manufacturer.

Until now there are not so manny details, but the German car manufacturer has decided to give us one more picture with the test prototype.

The M3 sedan is available in two different versions: the standard one and the Competition variant. In the standard variant, the car uses a 3.0 liter engine which can deliver 480 horsepower which is sent to the rear wheels via a six speed manual transmission. In the Competition model, the same unit delivers 510 HP which can be ordered either in a RWD or an AWD setup. Also, the transmission available is only an eight-speed automatic.

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We have found out that the M3 Touring might not be available in these two variants. According to some rumors, the model will have only a RWD with automatic transmission variant.