BMW M officials have announced today that the company hasn’t any plans to develop a hotter i8 version. Ever since the i8 concept saw the light of day, numerous rumors and speculations emerged about a potential high-performance version developed by BMW’s M division. 

But, Head of Product Management M GmbH, Carsten Pries, along with Head of Product Management M GmbH, Friedrich Nitschke have excluded this possibility. Actually, it makes sense since BMW M division was not involved during the i8 hybrid supercar development. 

According to rumors, this potentially hotter i8 was billed to receive the M8 moniker, but now everything has ruined. 

Furthermore, our colleagues from Telegraaf said we could see a hotter BMW supercar in 2016 when the company will celebrate its 100th anniversary. 

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Even though there won’t be an i8 M, BMW’s findings in carbon fiber technology will be implemented in more and more "regular" cars in the years to come. BMW has already announced plans to increase carbon fiber production and they will use the lightweight material not only on i and M models, but also on the next-gen 5- and 7-Series.