BMW has announced a new recalling campaign. The Bavarian car manufacturer already issued the campaign to fix the same problems in China, Japan and South Korea in 2014 and 2015. According to the report, BMW will recall 136,188 vehicles in US for potential problem with the fuel pump. 

There are also 18,284 units in Canada. Here are the affected models:

2010-2011 5-Series Gran Turismo
2011-2012 528I
2011-2012 535I
2011-2012 550I
2012 640I
2012 650I
2007-2011 X5
2008-2011 X6

According to the description, the in-tank fuel pumps on these vehicles have insufficiently crimped wire contacts. This causes an increase in contact resistance and extra heat. Over time, there are chances for the plastic around the contact pins to melt and this can allow fuel to leak. More than that, if the pump isn’t working, then the engine could stall. If this problem occurs, the Malfunction Indicator Lamp should illuminate, and some customers report smelling gasoline in the cabin.

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According to the same report, BMW first became aware of this problem in June 2011 from customer complaints of a fuel odor inside the vehicle. The German car manufacturer determined that if the problem occurred then it would illuminate the Malfunction Indicator Lamp. But the company continued to receive warranty claims, and the German automaker decided in 2014 to extend coverage on the part to 10 years.

Source: BMW