BMW i8 production has come to an end and during its life, the plug-in hybrid sports car managed to get to the 20,500 units milestone. This is not big, but for a sports car it means a lot.

Now, BMW has prepared a special surprise for the BMW i8 Club international: the last 18 i8 units were painted in special unique colors. Each car was a one-off created in close collaboration with the customer.

“The degree of customisation in these vehicles threw up some major logistical and process challenges. But our i production unit has proved yet again that nothing is impossible”, said Plant Director Hans-Peter Kemser.

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For BMW i8 production to end with a finale like this is something we can all be very proud of”, added the BMW official.

Also, these last 18 units have customised components in their interiors, such as Alcantara covers for seats and steering wheels, and special trim strips and fascia panels.