BMW has officially unveiled the i8 hydrogen fuel cell research vehicle. The prototype was revealed during the BMW Group Innovation Days 2015.
We are pretty happy that BMW managed to keep this secret as it’s only now when we hear about this vehicles. Under the body is the same BMW i8 model but instead of the plug-in hybrid setup it has a hydrogen fuel cell powertrain. As a result, the car has lost the 1.5 liter three cylinder engine and has gained a fuel stack.
The energy comes from cryogenically-stowed hydrogen inside a cylindrical tank that sits down the center line of the vehicle’s platform and also from the oxygen coming from cooled air. The rear electric motor gets its electricity from a fuel stack and as a result it can deliver 242 horsepower.
But the BMW i8 hydrogen fuel cell research vehicle also has a different look than the regular model. We see here a more angular front fascia, a redesigned rear end while the whole body has a matte black paint.
As you may have read, this prototype could be developed under the fuel cell technologies partnership between BMW and Toyota.

Source: BMW