BMW and Porsche have revealed their new apps for the latest Apple Watch. BMW i Remote app allows users to easily check their i3 or i8 status. The app will display critical information such as the battery’s charge level, available range and door lock status.
In addition, the app will offer alerts when the battery is full and will allow the users to access the car’s climate system. If you can’t remind where you have parked the car, the Apple Watch will tell you.
The new Porsche Car Connect app allows users to remotely lock the vehicle. If you have some memory issues you can check whether the windows, doors and sunroof are closed. Just like the BMW i Remote app, the Porsche app can guide you through the parking lot in order to find your car easily.
If you have a plug-in hybrid Porsche model you will be able to start the climate control and to see the battery and the charging status.

Source: BMW