A few months ago, BMW unveiled the all-new 8 Series. The German coupe is avaiable in two engine versions. The petrol fans can choose a V8 4.4 liter unit that can deliver 520 horsepower while the diesel-engined lovers can opt for a 3.0 liter six-cylinder unit rated at 320 horsepower. 

According to some rumors, BMW was keen to deliver a V12-engined version. But during the 2018 Paris Motor Show one BMW officials has denied everything.According to BMW Group vice-president of product management Carsten Groeber, the German car manufacturer won’t offer a V12 8 Series. Why? Here is the official answer. 

“V12 is very heavy and we have a very perfect weight distribution with this car. So the package with the V8 with those technologies with the chassis and the drivetrain makes the car a proper sportscar. In our opinion a V12 will be too heavy in the front,” said Groeber.

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Also, the German car manufacturer hasn’t plans for a plug-in hybrid version.