A recent report about BMW is suggesting that the German car manufacturer is working on a sedan version of the 1-Series. Dubbed New Entry-level Sedan (NES), the car will be released to compete against the Audi A3 Sedan and Mercedes-Benz CLA. 

Under the bodywork of the 1-Series Sedan will sit the UKL architecture, also found on the 1-Series GT and 2014 Mini Cooper. 

"The NES is integral to our growth plans. It will be an important pillar in the future 1-Series lineup, particularly in the U.S. and China, where sales of small premium-brand four-door sedans are on the rise", said an insider for Automotive News. 

It is too early to talk about the engine lineup but we can be sure that the upcoming BMW 1-Series Sedan will borrow the same units found on the 1-Series. In the new Bavarian model will get the green lights it can be admired in 2017.

Source: WCF