The French guys from Venturi have unveiled the brand new VBB-3 EV. The event took place at the Wendover Airfield in Utah, USA with the assistance of Prince Albert II and Princess Charlene of Monaco.

The 2013 Venturi VBB-3 EV is a very performing electric vehicle developed with the help of the Ohio State University. 

Under the hood of the VBB-3 EV are two electric engines capable to produce a combined output of 3.000 horsepower and 2.800 Nm peek of torque. The motors are kept alive with a LiFEPO4 battery with 2.000 cells. 

With this new model, the guys from Venturi are trying to set a new world speed record for electric vehicles. The first attempt was postponed by the FIA due to poor weather conditions. The world record attempt is taking place at the Bonneville Salt Flats and the company is aiming to reach 600 km/h.

Source: Venturi