BMW loves motorsports and this is why we are not astonished when we hear something about an upcoming performance or motorsport related version of a car.
According to a recent report published by our colleagues from Bimmer Today, the German car manufacturer will develop a 1-Series DTM Sport Edition.

According to the German source, the car will be designed to celebrate Marco Wittmann’s DTM championship win and it will come with some great accessories. On the outside, the 1-Series will be equipped with the M Sport package and it will feature 18-inch alloy wheels. In addition, rumors say that the car will come with xenon headlights and a revised interior with some special accessories. 

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For now, these are all the details about the upcoming BMW 1-Series DTM Sport Edition, but stay tuned for more info because the last DTM stage will take place this weekend.

Source: Bimmer Today