A few years ago, Bentley had a great idea: to produce legendary old models. This idea was implemented by the Mulliner division, and the programme was named the Continuation Series.

These days, Bentley has announced a new model that will join the Continuation Series: the Speed Six, the car that won Le Mans in 1929 and 1930.

As you would expect, the old-new Speed Six will be built in a limited number of units. To be specific, only 12 units will be produced. Don’t get too excited, even if you have a lot of money, because each one is spoken for.

The Speed Six was a successor of the 4.5 liter Blower and used a 6.5 liter straight-six engine with twin carburetors and a high-performance camshaft. The car delivered 180 HP in standard trim, but the competition version delivered 200 HP.

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Using original blueprints and direct analysis of two surviving Speed Six models, the Continuation Series units will be hand-built to the same specs as the originals. This includes the same engine with the same power curse.

“After incredible levels of skill were acquired by the Mulliner team through the development of the Blower Continuation Series, and with the success of the cars with their customers, a chance to honor the Speed Six is a fantastic next step,” said Bentley Chairman and Chief Executive Adrian Hallmark. “It’s vital that we protect, preserve, and develop not just this important part of our heritage, but also the knowledge we’ve gained through working with these classic Bentleys.”