Bentley decided to continue the developing program of its EXP 9F future SUV, even though the large public didnt appreciate to much its design. The prototype shocked everyone with its design, but it seems that the British manufacturer is ready to make some concessions to offer a more attractive style.
The latest rumour regarding the future SUV is that the name was already choosen. According to these rumors, Bentley could opt for the name Falcon. It was almost certain that the name EXP 9 F is wiil not be preserved due to Bentley tradition of using names not numbers or letters.
Now, Falcon seems pleasing customers, potential buyers and the British brand also. Otherwise, there are no more details about this future SUV.
For now production has not yet been decided, but the decision should be made ​​in the next month. Even though at Geneva, at the time of presentation, EXP 9 F Concept was equipped with a W12 engine of 6.0 liters, Bentley has plans to propose a smaller engine on the road version of its new model, or even a hybrid version.
A bird name for a vehicle, it would not be a first in the automotive world, but for the time Bentley has not confirmed this rumor.

Source: Bentley