From time to time, Bentley launches some special cars created for clients who have lots of money. Inspired by the Chinese colour of purity, Bentley Mulliner has created an elegant one-off Bentayga Hybrid specifically commissioned for a customer in China. The green-themed car is due to be showcased at the Shanghai Motor Show in April and is an example of Bentley Mulliner’s handcraftsmanship.

This commission has an exterior finished in Viridian, a dark emerald hue from the Mulliner Extended paint range. The exterior is complemented by bright-machined 22 inch Mulliner Driving Specification Wheels, each of which has the centre pockets of every spoke painted in matching Viridian.

The bespoke interior includes Cumbrian Green hide, matching piano veneer and contrasting stitching highlighting the handcraftsmanship throughout the cabin.

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Over 100 metres of bright white hand cross-stitched thread emphases the craftsmanship and attention to interior detail and is reflected on the interior of the doors, seat backs and even in the piano Cumbrian Green veneer via a unique overlay.

In line with Bentley’s Beyond100 strategy to become a global leader in sustainable luxury mobility, the new Bentayga Hybrid is one of two hybrid models being launched in 2021, with the entire Bentley range being offered with Hybrid powertrains by 2023. The new Bentayga Hybrid becomes the third model in the most successful luxury SUV portfolio the segment has ever seen.

To complement the colours further throughout the Bentayga, Bentley Mulliner have matched the interior veneered areas to the Cumbrian Green hide. This helps the serene atmosphere to flow through the car and surround the driver and passengers while emphasising the spacious interior and the connection with nature. With 103 options for painted veneers, customers have an extensive choice available to create a bespoke interior that is reflective of their personality.

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Additionally, Bentley Mulliner has created an exquisite handcrafted design to the passenger fascia using a silver metal overlay to create a beautiful finish. This geometric diamond design is reminisant of the EXP 100 GT concept car that embodies Bentley’s sustainable future vision.

To contrast the Cumbrian Green interior, Bentley Mulliner has added white accents through the car to accentuate the flow and beautifully crafted lines of the Bentayga Hybrid. Using contrast carpet binding and contrasting hand stitching to the seats, Bentley Mulliner elevates the serenity and depth of the interior. The process of hand cross-stitching a Bentayga cabin takes one craftsperson 44 hours to complete. Unique thread has been designed to be extremely durable and uses special dyes to maintain its colour to last for the lifespan of the vehicle.

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When entering the vehicle, the driver and passengers are greeted by an illuminated Mulliner treadplate. The luxurious details continue in the interior. Housed in the rear centre console is an all new, fully integrated drinks cooler designed by Bentley Mulliner’s craftsmen. The drinks cooler includes frosted glass with soft close door, a separate illuminated bottle-chilling ring and two bespoke handcrafted Cumbria Crystal flutes.