Bentley will change the way it interacts with its clients. To create a more luxurious and comprehensive experience, the British marque will start redesigning its showrooms, offering clients a complete new experience. The first showroom to receive the new treatment is Bentley Berkshire, that had an extensive  upgrade to the Pangbourne sales and aftersales centre.

Drawing inspiration from the British luxury marque’s 96-year heritage, as well as modern luxury retailing, the template for the new design was first showcased with the opening of CW1 House, a flagship showroom concept at Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe.

Bentley Berkshire has integrated the new, modern façade within the site’s existing footprint. The contemporary new look complements the dealership’s familiar Georgian brick-built frontage.

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Stepping inside the new showroom, Bentley customers will notice that the luxury materials which can be found on the British luxury brand’s cars (notably leather, wood and polished metals) have been integrated into every feature of the design. The carpets are made from the same rich lambswool used in Bentley’s vehicle interior carpets, the furniture is trimmed in Bentley leather, and customer commissioning areas are enveloped by contemporary solid oak panels. 

Showroom seating, tables, display stands and the concierge coffee and champagne bar are all hand-trimmed with bespoke, highly polished stainless steel.