We’ve seen quite a few tuning programs for the Audi R8 V10, but offering customers plenty of choices is what the aftermarket industry is all about right?
That is why B&B Automobiletechnik, a tuner that specializes in enhancing Audi and VW models, have developed a power kit that adds a considerable number of horses to the already potent R8 V10.
Their stage 3 performance kit from BB costs 14,950 Euros and contains a special racing exhaust system, a revised induction system with new air ducts, a special carbon air filter and a remapped ecu that basically ‘tells’ the car how to properly use these newly added components.
Thanks to this kit the BB Audi R8 V10 forgets its standard performance figures of 525 HP (530 Nm) and delivers an increased output of 610 HP (600 Nm) which in terms of performance translates into 3.6 seconds from o to 100 Km/h, 10.8 seconds from 0 to 200 Km/h and a top speed of 330 Km/h.
BB knows that increasing the engine power demands a few other upgrades as well, that is why they are also offering a set of sport springs priced at 998 Euro, that lower the front of the car by about 25 mm or alternatively a 3-stage adjustable coilover suspension that costs 3,950 Euro.
For those who only think about performance there is a third choice in optimising the R8’s chassis, and that is through a racing coilover suspension that has a 4,950 Euro price tag attached to it.
Other enhancements proposed by BB include a 12,950 Euro ceramic high-performance brake system and a set of 10-spoke design set of wheels wrapped in performance tires (19 or 20 inch) priced from 7,950 Euro. 

Source: B&B Automobiltechnik