It looks like the German tuning company is on a roll as we now get introduced to the company’s third creation during a one week time period. This time is the AVUS Performance Mercedes C63 AMG that comes as a vehicle with improved power and aerodynamics.
Even though squeezing more power out of the C63 AMG might seem impossible it looks like AVUS’s engineers still managed to pull it off as the AVUS Performance Mercedes C63 AMG is now capable of unleashing 585 hp and 545 lbs-ft of torque and reach a top speed of 320km/h (199mph).
As far as exterior mods the AVUS Performance Mercedes C63 AMG received a new blacked-out grill, roof and mirror casings, along with optional 20 inch rims and the company’s logos. Stainless exhaust tailpipes were also installed and considering the massive power that can be generated we think the car has an overall discrete appearance.
And speaking of massive power the AVUS Performance Mercedes C63 AMG is harnessed in a safe maner with the help of 8-piston 380mm brakes and a new suspension system with optional coilovers.


Source: AVUS Performance