Audi has unveiled a one-off RS3 Sportback with some special features including a set of carbon fiber wheels. As you may have read, Volkswagen the group that owns Audi has made a partnership with the guys from ThyssenKrupp Carbon Components and Maxion Wheels to work on carbon fiber wheels.

Audi RS3 Sportback Exterior

The first project of this joint-venture was installed on the RS3. Now, the high-performance German break has received some large carbon fiber wheels. Beside this, the RS3 Sportback has received a carbon fiber front and rear splitter and LED illuminated quattro lettering on the front grille.

RS3 Sportback Interior

Inside the cabin, the car comes with lots of carbon fiber accessories on the steering wheel, cup holder, seat shells and ashtray. According to Audi Forum Ingolstadt, all the mechanical parts that are made from plastic have received the same treatment. 
As you can imagine it will take a while until the RS3 will receive those carbon fiber rims on the option list.

Source: Audi Forum Ingolstadt