Audi has unveiled the new Activesphere Concept. Built on the same Sphere idea – which sat at the base of other three concept cars – the new prototype is an electric SUV with some technical specs of a pickup.

According to Audi, the new Activesphere concept is a luxury coupe that turns into a pickup. If you’ll be more comfortable with the idea, you can call it an Allroad model.

The car comes with air suspension with adaptive dampers, which can raise the ride height of 8.1 inches by 1.57 inches. The car comes with some active body parts which can move when you’re planning to go off-road.

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Inside the cabin there are no physical controls, as the car was developed from start to be a fully autonomous one. As you can imagine, the Activesphere concept won’t be transformed into a production model. Still, the car should give us some glimpse of what Audis will look and work in the near future.