The automaker from Ingolstadt will bring seven customized versions Audi A1 at this year’s Woorthersee event in Austria.
All these factory customized versions Audi A1 have been envisioned by the company’s chief designer Stefan Sielaff who wants to demonstrate the numerous ways of turning Audi’s new mini into a unique vehicle.
One of the seven custom Audi A1 models that will be presented at Woorthersee will be dedicated to Bayern Munchen’s soccer team for which Audi is also the main sponsor.
The other personalized Audi A1 models have been named the A1 Competition Kit (Amalfi White), A1 Follow Me (Citrus Yellow), A1
Wasserwacht (Suzuka Grey), A1 Pickerljaeger (Ibis White), A1 Fashion
(Aubergine) and A1 Hot Rod (Daytona Grey).

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Source: Audi