Autocar has published a new review video, one which involves the Aston Martin Zagato, a car which does not only look exciting, but also sounds amazing.
The Aston Martin Zagato review was shot at Gaydon, on the automaker’s testing facility, which isn’t really a race circuit, but is enough to offer an insight of what this V12 racer is like to drive.
The car is equipped with slick tires and underneath that bespoke body featuring aluminium panels, there’s an engine borrowed from the V12 Vantage and a Graziano automated manual gearbox from the One-77.  
The Aston Martin Zagato produced 550 HP and among the highlights of this car are its brakes and its ‘really well modulated’. The British company will build a road going production model if they will feel there is enough customer interest, and if they do, Autocar thinks they should definitely capture the sound produced by this racing version. 
Aston Martin Zagato Review Video :

Source: Autocar via YouTube