The regular price of G63 AMG SUV is around $134,300 in the United Stated. However if you consider your security as a priority number one, you would need some additional armor.
Alpha Armouring is a German based company located in Munich. They can do the job for you and transform the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG into a powerful armored vehicle. According to the company they have 30 years of experience in developing, designing and building armored SUVs / off-road vehicles. That’s not so bad. Let us have a closer look at the latest product range. 
This kind of armored car is dedicated to people who want to survive Zombie apocalypse and Hyundai Veloster survival machine is just too small and mainstream. If you plan to have a car capable of driving in the wasted land after World War 3 nuclear attack or after a dangerous virus kills half of the population, this car can give you particular security. However there is no bio-hazard filter and no radiation protection or dosimeter available in the basin trim.
What we suggest is to buy a regular $134,300 Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG, let it tuned by Alpha Armouring to implement all the bullet proof windows and platting and then search for another customization solution to implement radiation and bio-hazard protection as well.
Another question is how much the renegades can shoot at your car without penetrating the glass. the manufacturer says that it can survive shots from a rifle loaded with 7,62 armor piercing ammunition fired from point blank range, which is a good characteristic, however you should keep distant from gangs with Caliber .50, Armor-Piercing-Explosive-Incendiary firing a whole magazine at you (note: the company never made any statement about it and this article is truly based on the author opinion only).
One more thing we are not fully satisfied with: if someone shoots at you, a spider web on the glass makes it impossible to see what is in front of you while driving. All customers should consider all front cameras and driving display in the interior.
Having this car in form of your house can have different explanations: you are a really scared entrepreneur who could be killed anytime soon or you are just very realistic in terms of world circumstances expectations and want to be prepared for hell.

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Under-fire: Alpha Armouring armor specialist has developed an armored  car derived from the basis of the Mercedes-Benz G AMG. “Auto Motor und Sport” makes the hardness / durability test and fired with a large caliber on the G-Class! The results are in the video.

Another ballistic test of the VALIANT, based on Mercedes G. The bullet went through at least 20 standard doors first, later did not penetrate the door glass of Valiant.
At last, but not at least – as a corporate philosophy due to protection of the clients, Alpha Armouring do not give explicit information about their products.

Source: Alpha Armouring