The South-Korean car maker Hyundai has published today the first teaser image with the upcoming Elantra (Avante) facelift. According to Hyundai Blog the model will coming soon and it will have a new diesel engine. 

In the image released by Hyundai we see a front headlight, a wheel, a taillight and a picture with the interior. The first and more important transformation is the found on the headlights that will be based on LED-infused technology. 

Three years ago, when Hyundai has launched the Elantra, it had feature a 1.6 liter Gamma GDI unit with 140 horsepower and 167 Nm peek of torque. This version has been a best seller and this mean that the upcoming Elantra facelift will come with a more economical diesel engine in order to keep the same equation.

Source: WCF