Performance specialists from APS have launched a stage 2 upgrade for the VW GOLF R powered by its 2.0-litre TFSI engine.
The APS VW GOLF R Stage 2 costs 1999 GBP and thanks to a thoroughly developed ECU remap, it raises the maximum power level to 330 BHP. Also the APS VW GOLF R Stage 2 package includes a Milltek large bore turbo down pipe, high flow sports catalyst and a choice of Milltek stainless steel sports exhausts with electronic valve control and ceramic black tailpipes.  
There is also a Stage 3 package available for the APS VW GOLF R, which can raise performance to 350 BHP and in this case, the tuner dds a range of chassis upgrade, Brembo GT brakes and 18 or 19 inch Sportec Mono 10 alloys wrapped in Toyo tires.
For those that want to spend less, there is the Stage 1 option which only consists of an ECE remap that increases the output on the APS VW GOLF R to 308 BHP for 445 GBP.
APS press release :
APS of Brackley is pleased to unveil a range of performance, dynamic and styling components for owners of the 275 bhp Volkswagen Golf R seeking bespoke, high quality enhancements. APS can now offer two stages of performance tuning for the 2.0-litre TFSI, all-wheel drive Golf R.
Stage One consists of a well proven and thoroughly developed ECU remap, which raises peak power to 308 bhp, which is offered at the enticing price of just £445.00 including VAT and fitting in APS’s multi award-winning workshop.
Careful development and optimisation work has now enabled APS to launch a Stage 2 package, including a Milltek large bore turbo down pipe, high flow sports catalyst and a choice of Milltek stainless steel sports exhausts, featuring a switchable electronic exhaust valve, 2.75 inch bore tubing and dual 100mm ceramic black tailpipes.
Stage 2 Golf R upgrade customers can choose between a Milltek non-resonated cat-back system which emphasises performance and aural excitement, or a resonated Milltek cat back exhaust which majors on refinement and also benefits from EC type approval.
Due to the gasflow efficiencies realised by the Milltek Sport exhaust system the APS Stage 2 VW Golf R upgrade raises peak power to approximately 320-330bhp depending on exhaust selection. Priced from £1999.00 fitted including VAT, the APS Stage 2 VW Golf R upgrade is available now, with a Stage 3 package – complete with a revised turbocharger and 350 bhp capability – in development.
In addition to the power upgrades, APS’s has a range of chassis upgrades for the VW Golf R include:-
    * Three way adjustable Haldex Gen4 four wheel drive controller
    * Sports lowering springs
    * KW height and damping adjustable coilover suspension
    * Uprated suspension bushes
    * Brembo GT big brake kits
    * 18 and 19 inch Sportec Mono 10 forged alloy wheels with Toyo tyres
For further information on pricing and availability, please contact APS of Brackley.

Source: APS Sportec