Volkswagen and RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) have teamed up and have created the paw-wheel-drive program which helps rescue dogs learn how to drive a car.

According to Volkswagen, the training process will take place at the RSPCA’s center in Hertfordshire where the dogs perfect their driving skills with help from a human instructor with access to dual controls.

As you can imagine, the dogs used their front paws to control the steering wheel and gear stick while the rear paws were placed on custom extension levers attached to the accelerator and brake pedals.

Thanks to this program, Tulip, Jacob and Harry managed to learn how to drive the Reflex Silver Volkswagen Amarok which can be seen on public streets with the “FR5T APR” license plate.

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Anna White, manager at the Southridge RSPCA centre, said: “We wanted to demonstrate how intelligent rescue animals can be.

Source: Volkswagen