The Apple iMove is a concept envisioned by 20 year old student Liviu Tudoran who studies design at the IED institute in Turin, Italy.
With a design that seems like falling into place when put next to the rest of the Macintosh products, like the iPhone, iPad, iPod etc., the Apple iMove concept that uses electricity for propulsion and could be seen roaming the highly urbanized areas in year 2020.
The Apple iMove Concept can accommodate three people inside the cabin, with a neat way of storing luggage and also with a high level of modularity.
O fcourse the Apple iMove Concept is only the product of imagination, but considering that each Apple product has been selling like hot cakes, Steve Jobs might even consider entering the automotive industry 🙂   
Watch the video featuring the Apple iMove Concept after the jump.

Video : Apple iMove Concept

Source: YouTube