For 100 years, Citroen has applied its boldness and creativity with a view to enhancing mobility. This is why, the French car manufacturer decided to unveil a special centenary concept car. 

Until now we don’t have much info about this new concept car, but we have another teaser picture with it. 

According to the French car manufacturer officials this new concept car will be Citroen’s vision of ultra-comfort. This new concept will be unveiled during VivaTech 2019 which will take place on Thursday 16 May.

"With its exceptional styling, it symbolises ultra-comfort and offers a unique travelling experience on-board. This is a 100% electric and autonomous object featuring artificial intelligence", said Citroen in the official statement. 

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Also during the VivaTech 2019, Citroen will come with the Ami One Concept, a distinctive fully electric object that places digital technology at the heart of a new urban mobility experience.