A few months ago, Ford announced its plans for the F-Series. Next year we will meet the first F-150 hybrid model while at the end of 2020 or at the begining of 2021 we will get the change to see the all-electric F-150.

In order to demonstrate its progress, Ford has prepared a special video. One prototype of the electric F-150 has managed to two 10 double-decker rail cars loaded with no less than 42 examples of the 2019 F-150.

According to the Blue Oval, the total weight of the composition is way over one million pounds, which equals to more than 450 tons. 

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“Ford has confirmed it will bring an all-electric F-150 to market. This will be in addition to the all-new F-150 Hybrid that goes on sale next year. Both electrified models will have the toughness, capability, and innovation that F-150 customers have come to expect”, the company explains.