The US division of Alfa Romeo introduced a new promotional video of its new 4C sporty model, the car that relaunches the brand in America. The new video tries to showcase the experience of the sporty 4C in its video, a sporty car that is 342 pounds (155 kilograms) heavier than its European brother. 
Designed by the Alfa Romeo Style Centre, the 4C immediately brings to mind some of the traditional iconic models which have left a significant mark in the history of the brand. Above all others, in terms of dimensional and layout similarities, one stands out in particular: the 33 Stradale.
The compact dimensions make this car with 2 bucket seats truly unique amid its competitors: it is just under 157 inches (4 metres) long, 78 inches (200 cm) wide, 46 inches (118 cm) high and with a wheelbase of less than 94 inches (2.4 metres).
An evolution of the engine already in use in the Quadrifoglio Verde version of the Giulietta, the new 4 cylinder 1750 turbo petrol engine implements an innovative aluminum block and specific intake and exhaust systems.

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