We know that Abarth is specialised in tuning Fiat models like the 500 and Punto, but according to British press, the Italian brand is planing to extend their activity and include Alfa Romeo products in the future.
The Abarth Alfa Romeo models are expected to become reality due to the fact that the company is doing really well at this moment, so diversifying their performance kits seems like the logical next step.
Antonio Lebate, who is the company’s sales and marketing boss confirmed that Abrath will also launch its own model by 2012, but in the near future attention will be given to the Abarth Evo Punto and 500C models which are expected to be launched by November 2011.
As usual exclusivity and enhanced performance come with a matching price, so we expect the Abarth Alfa Romeo models to carry a ‘spiced’ up tag when they hit the market.

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Source: Autocar