Each year, Volkswagen fans are meeting in Wörthersee, a town in Austria. The German car manufacturer is taking advantage of this and is unveiling some interesting concepts. Audi, Skoda and Seat are also revealing some interesting cars. 

This time we will talk about Audi who unveiled a special version of the A5 Sportback G-tron. The model is dressed in dark grey paint and features blue accents in the headlights and two-tone alloy wheels. The braking calipers have also been painted in blue. The German car manufacturer also installed a blue honeycomb rear wrap, a black rear spoiler and tinted taillights. 

For now, Audi haven’t revealed much about the interior but thanks to the pictures we have had the chance to see some Alcantara seats with blue contrast stitching and some carbon fiber trim. 

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As you already know, the A5 Sportback G-tron was unveiled during the Geneva Motor Show and is the third car in the German lineup which runs on compressed natural gas. The model has a 2.0 liter TFSI unit that can deliver 170 horsepower and 270 Nm peak of torque.