Joseph Schwab is preparing to go to court after being charged with misdemeanor DUI of a drug for drinking coffeine. This is for the first time when we head about such a case and this said the Stacey Barrett the defense attorney. 

According to the US news websites Schwab was charged with the DUI when driving home from work. The car was pulled over by an agent from California PD on a beverage control. According to the agent Schwab was driving erratically. 

The driver had a breathalyzer test but this revealed 0.00 per cent blood alcohol level. According to the toxicology report, Schwab didn’t have cocaine, opiates, THC, carisprodol, zolpidem, oxycodone, MDMA or benzodiazepines in his blood. 

But he will head to court on January 11. 

“I have not been provided with any evidence to support a theory of prosecution for a substance other than caffeine at this time. Nor I have received any statements, reports, etc documenting any ongoing investigation since the [toxicology report] dated 18 November 2015", said Schwab’s attorney.