Irv Gordon is a teacher from Long Island who will soon reach to 3 million miles in the same 1966 Volvo P1800.  

"It’s not about getting to the three million miles; it’s about the trips that got me to the three million miles. I never had a goal to get to one million, to two million. I just enjoyed driving and experiencing life through my Volvo", explains Gordon. 

If you wonder how he managed to achieve this performance you have to know that daily Irv Gordon drove for 125 mile trip from his home to his job. More than that, all the trips in USA were made with his best companion, the 1966 Volvo P1800. 

"I challenge everyone to go out and see as much as possible. Find your own journey and reason to believe because you only have one life to live. No matter how many roads I’ve been on, there’s always one I haven’t taken. That’s what makes it exciting" added Gordon. 

According to Irv, he plans to achieve its 3 million miles in Alaska in September, as the northern most state is one of the US states he never get to visit. 

Source: Carscoop