Porsche is currently working on the third generation Cayenne. The German SUV will be ready for Frankfurt Motor Show. In order to get some feedback from the fans, Porsche has published some pictures and a video which were taken during the testing sessions.

According to Posche, the prototypes and pre-series vehicles have completed a total of around 4.4 M kilometers. To simulate extreme stresses the cars were tested all around the world. 

The materials, sensors and electronics have to prove their quality and durability in different climate conditions – at up to plus 50 degrees Celsius in the sand dunes of Dubai (UAE) and on dusty slopes in Death Valley (USA) as well as at up to minus 45 degrees Celsius on ice and snow in Alaska (USA). The third generation of the Cayenne also had to endure the stop-start traffic in the hot and humid conditions of Chinese cities, master test tracks in Sweden, Finland and Spain, and was transported to South Africa, Japan and New Zealand to complete extensive on and offroad testing.

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The New Cayenne will be revealed on 29 August.

Source: Porsche