Toyota has published the first pictures and details of the all-new C-HR. The second generation of the compact SUV was developed and designed in Europe for the European customer. Also, the car comes with some exterior details that can be linked to the bZ4X and new Prius.

The new C-HR is bigger compared to the old variant: is 4360 millimeters (171.6 inches) long, 1830 mm (72 in) wide, and either 1558 mm (61.3 in) or 1564 mm (61.5 in) tall depending on the version.

Also, inside the cabin you can order a full digital instrument cluster and a new central screen.

The new C-HR will be offered only with hybrid powertrains. The entry level is a 1,8 liter full hybrid with 140 horsepower. The second version is a 2,0 liter hybrid which can deliver 198 horsepower. Later, this variant will be offered with a 4WD system.

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The most important addition is the C-HR plug-in hybrid. It uses a 2,0 liter petrol unit and an electric motor for 223 horspower. Thanks to a bigger battery compared to the full-hybrid versions, the PHEV will deliver up to 66 kilometres of electric range.