Porsche has decided to unveil a special model: the 2023 911 Dakar. Just like the rugger all-terrain version used for rally, this new model is a factory made car.

The new 2023 Porsche 911 Dakar is based on the 911 Carrera but it feautres 2 inches over the standard ground clereance, but it also uses a special lift system which can deliver an extra 3.2 inches of space. And this is an SUV stand like.

The car also comes with a special livery and it uses the 3.0 liter flat-six unit with 473 horsepower. The engine resources are sent to the ground via an eight speed automatic transmission and features two unique driving modes: Off-Road and Rallye.

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The first one is for tugged terrain, while the second one is for gravel fast winding roads.

According to Porsche, only 2.500 units will be made.