Toyota Australia has decided to put some new and interesting features on the current Toyota Hilux. In order to compete against the mighty Volkswagen Amarok and Mercedes-Benz X-Class, Hilux will get a new top-spec version. 

According to the official details, the car will give what people want: more luxury and additional goodies. But don’t expect to get performances like those seen on the TRD version. For now a go-faster edition is not on the agenda. 

“I think there is room probably in the top-end for HiLux. In terms of where the market is, the top-selling vehicle is the top-end version, so what I would probably say to you is stay tuned. There are opportunities for HiLux into the future”, said oyota Australia president Matthew Callachor.
Note: Toyota Rocco is in the picture, not the upcoming top-spec Hilux.