During the 2016 Paris Motor Show, SEAT has unveiled the Leon facelift model. But now the Spaniard car manufacturer has revealed the 2017 Leon Cupra facelift. As you can imagine, the exterior features the same aesthetic modifications with some sporty lines. 

The spoilers have been replaced with more aggressive ones, the wheels have a new design and there is also a rear wing mounted on the hayon. For now, SEAT hasn’t published any pictures with the interior, but we do know for sure that it will be the same as the one seen on the "civil" Leon versions. Of course there will be some minimal modifications but don’t be afraid. It will look good.

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Under the hood of the 2017 SEAT Leon Cupra facelift is the same 2.0 TSI engine but now it deliver 300 horsepower and 380 Nm peak of torque. The performance figures were not released. But we know that the Leon Cupra ST facelift will come with 4Drive system and with a DSG transmission. Also, the Cupra facelift will feature the adaptive chassis control (DCC), progressive steering system and electronic self-locking differential as standard. 

Source: Seat