The new generation Seat Ibiza is a great car but the Spanish officials have had some sad news for the fans. According to Antonio Valdivieso, Head of Product Communications at the brand, the new Ibiza won’t get the Cupra treatment. 

More than that, the new generation supermini model won’t be available in three-door version or as a wagon. Another important fact is that the car’s most powerful engine will be the 1.5 liter TSI that deliver 150 horsepower. 

“We are not saying that there’s no demand for niche sports models like the Ibiza Cupra, but the trend is going down,” Valdivieso told the media. “We are going to keep the Cupra for higher-end models, like the Leon.”

Instead an Ibiza Cupra, Seat has an eco-friendly CNG variant that will be launched by the end of the summer. The car won’t come on all markets.

Source: Seat