In order to attract more clients that want a hybrid vehicle, Mercedes is ready to install a unique feature on its future redesigned S-Class. The premium limousine will be one of the first equipped with a wireless charging capability.

Inductive charging makes handling these vehicles even more convenient. Mercedes has been testing the contactless charging technology since 2015 with a test fleet of the current S 500e. From 2017 the technology should be ready: with the facelift model of the S 500e, the availability of an inductive charging system as an optional extra is planned, in addition to cable-connected charging. This way energy is contactlessly transmitted via a magnetic field.

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The system is comprised of two components: a secondary coil in the vehicle floor and a base plate with integrated primary coil. This is placed on the garage floor, for example, or in a protected area in front of a carport. Via a display message in the cockpit the driver can see whether the vehicle is in the tolerance range over the charging station. 

As soon as the charging position has been reached, charging automatically begins and is constantly monitored by the system. The electrical energy is transmitted contactlessly, without a charging cable, at a power output of up to 3.6 kW. With an efficiency rate of almost 90 percent, the high-voltage battery can be efficiently, conveniently and safely charged.

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On the same occasion, the German manufacturer announced that from 2018 direct current charging based on the CCS standard will gradually find its way into all electric vehicles from Mercedes-Benz. Depending on the vehicle and battery system, this enables a charging capacity of up to 150 kW at fast charging stations. Perspectively, the system also enables a charging capacity of up to 350 kW.