After he made its debut with a very camouflaged body during this year Tour de France, supporting Sky Team And Chris Froome, Jaguar F-Pace is further promoting his performances with some information about the harsh conditions in which the SUV is being tested. But not only there. The car has traveled from the searing heat and dust of Dubai to the ice and snow of Northern Sweden.
At Jaguar Land Rover’s test facility in Arjeplog, Northern Sweden, average winter temperatures rarely exceed -15°C and often plummet to -40°C. The 60km of purpose-built handling tracks, mountain climbs, inclines, split-friction straights and off-road areas.
In Dubai, ambient temperatures can exceed 50°C in the shade. When vehicles are left out in direct sunlight, cabin temperatures can soar to 70°C – exactly what’s needed to ensure that everything from climate control systems to infotainment touchscreens function perfectly in extremes of heat and humidity.