After we saw the new Renault Twingo, another car based on same platform is ready to make its international debut. It is the 2015 Smart Fortwo model, scheduled to be shining during this year Paris Motor Show.
The new generation Smart Fortwo will use 70% common parts with the renault Twingo, including the rear wheel drive architecture and the rear engine layout. Even so, the Smart Fortwo will retain its very original design.
To help us understand how the design is going to evolve, Smart unveiled a video that explains exaclty how the design DNA will evolve and what we should expect from the new mini.
The interior will be a blast with many tweaks and customizing options, a real magnet for the young clients.
Along the new Smart Fortwo, we will also see the reborn of the Smart Forfour, also scheduled to debut in Paris and also described in the movie bellow. The car will retain its five-door configuration, allowing versatility and space.

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