After we saw the new generation V-Class, Mercedes now introduces us to the 2015 Vito, the utilitary brother set to go on sale this autumn.
The new car is 4895 mm, 5140 mm or 5730 mm long, while also offering the bigest cargo capacity in its class: 1369 kilograms. The new Mercedes Vito family will increase with new body options. First we will have the Vito Panel Van, then the Vito Crew and the Vito Tourer. This last one is also available with Pro and Select derivatives.
The passenger versions can be had with a comfort suspension, while on the Panel Van and Crew variants, this comes as an option.
Even if it is a more commercial model, focusing on its practical side, the vito is fully loaded with safety features. Mercedes added up to eight airbags, ESP and a lot of active systems like Attention Assist, Active Parking Assist, Lane Keeping Assist, Blind Spot Assist and Intelligent Light System (ILS).
The engine range will include diesels for front wheel drive versions and rear wheel drive versions. The entry-level 109 CDI will have a 1.6 liter diesel delivering 90 hp. Same engine can be had with 111 hp on the Vito 111 CDI.
Moving to the rear wheel drive version, we have the 114 Cdi, which uses a 2.1 liter diesel with 136 hp. The same four cylinder diesel can be had with 163 and 190 hp in Vito 116 Cdi and Vito 119 CDi BlueTec.
All engines come standard with six speed manual, but some of them offer the posibility of opting ofr a seven speed automatic transmission.