Waiting for the new generation Mazda MX-5, set to be unveiled during this October, during Paris Motor Show, Mazda unveiled a teaser image of the roadster.
The image is not so useful, as it only shows the proportions of the car and nothing about the design. Earlier this year, Mazda revealed the chassis of the new MX-5. It is also part of the SkyActiv strategy and promises to be lighter and stronger.
The engine is closer to the vehicle’s center of gravity which itself is lower than that of any previous models. The chassis is also leaner in weight reduction, because the engineers wanted to achieve a 100 kg (220 pounds) lighter car.
Until the public debut, Mazda scheduled an official press launch on September 3rd, in Barcelona, Spain. Similar events will be organized also in Japan and US, to be closer to the clients. This day was chosen to also celebrate the exact 25 years since the first MX-5 exited the factory line.