This week Nissan will reveal the next generation crossover leader. When it comes to crossover design and innovation, the new Qashqai takes the crossover sector into a new dimension, raising standards for everyone and lighting the way for countless new adventures

Reinvented from the ground up, the new Qashqai pushes the boundaries of design and innovation – ushering in sector-first technologies and introducing fresh thinking in every area. From advanced aerodynamics to state of the art cabin infotainment systems, the new Qashqai represents Nissan at its most creative.

The new Qashqai takes on the spirit of the ground-breaking original and amplifies the core qualities that have endeared it to over 2.0 million drivers around the world.

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The new Nissan Qashqai will come with a different look and will be the first Japanese car maker model that will use the new modular platform. This new architecture can also accommodate a plug-in hybrid technology, which means that we will see an eco Qashqai soon after the debut.

After the launch, the Qashqai will feature a new 1.2 liter supercharged engine that is replacing the current 1.6 liter naturally aspired. There will be also the new 1.6 DCi diesel unit with 130 HP.