The first official teaser featuring the 2013 SRT Viper has appeared on Facebook as promised, after the performance division’s fan page has reached 10,000 likes before February 1st.
As you might already know the upcoming Viper has dropped the Dodge badging in favor of the SRT lettering (Street and Racing Technology), a move which was most likely made in order to differentiate this vehicle even more from the rest of Chrysler’s offerings.
There is still little known about the engine that will be fitted inside the 2013 SRT Viper, with various sources reporting that customers should expect a 8.7-litre V10 featuring Fiat’s MultiAir technology under the bonnet, while other mention the 6.4-litre HEMI V8 currently offered on the Challenger.
As far as appearance the main difference we can spot right now are the headlights, but overall the car does seem to resemble quite a lot with the previous Viper generation. 
The 2013 Viper will most likely premiere at the New York Auto Show in April, but hopefully we’ll get to see more of it until then.