German Special Customs unveiled today a couple of pictures and has offered full details about the upcoming exterior and performance package for the 2013 McLaren P1. Dubbed Night Glow, the German kit is addressing to those 375 buyers who had 1.050.000 Euros to spend on a McLaren P1. 

On the outside, the McLaren P1 Night Glow is featuring an aerodynamic and more aggressive body kit. It includes new spoiler blade, side blades and LED day running light. Furthermore we see bigger air scoops, an adjustable rear wing, a roof-mounted scoop, a more aggressive rear diffuser and air inlets in the rear side walls. 

Under the bonnet, the 2013 McLaren P1 is featuring a hybrid powertrain. According to German Special Customs, the V8 twin-turbo 3.8 liter unit was tweaked and now the powertrain offers a combined power of more than 1.000 horsepower. 

Source: GSC