Introduced in 1983, Defender has a long and succesful career on the market, but once in a while it needs some upgrades to remain fresh and up to date. Land Rover updated the legendary off-roader with some minor changes.
The exterior receives two new body colours (Barolo Black and Havana) along with a variety of contrasting roofs: Fuji White, Santorini Black, Indus Silver, Orkney Grey and Firenze Red.

On the inside, the passengers receive front seats wrapped in new fabrics or leather, depending on the clients budget. Land Rover updated also the equipment: the base audio system can now be upgraded to support Bluetooth connectivity and a 150W Alpine subwoofer.

No updates for the powertrain, the 2.2 liter diesel offering the same torque (360 Nm) and power (122 hp).
The revised Defender goes on sale at the end of this month, with a starting price of 22.350 pounds on its home market, the United Kingdom.

Source: Land Rover