Icona has unveiled at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show the new Vulcano supercar. The Icona Vulcano comes with two different powertrains. 

The more potent one is called H-Turismo and it will use a 6.0 liter V12 petrol engine and a 160 horsepower electric unit. The 2013 Vulcano H-Turismo can output a total of 950 hp which are sent to the rear wheels. 

The second version of the Icona Vulcano is called H-Cometizione and uses a smaller V6 with two turbos couplet to a pair of electric units that can produce 870 Hp. The powertrain was tested in a modified Lancia 037 rally car with astonishing results. 

The sprint from stand still to 100 km/h is made in 3 seconds for the H-Cometizione and in 2.9 second for the H-Turismo. 

The Icona Vulcano looks like a Ferrari 599 combined with a Lexus LF-A and even with a bit Corvette.

Source: Icona